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About 1B1R

1B1R Tokenomy Merchant Club realized that in a digital, consumer-driven economy, speed will be the most important factor to achieve success. Due to the continuous changes on the economic regime, rapid decision-making and strong execution to adapt on the changes will become the core of future business strategies. By adapting to economic flattening and digital transformation, business will be able to overtake its competitors on a global scale. 

Purpose of 1B1R

Although global trade and other businesses are booming. But the main cons of e-commerce are their high competitiveness among their competitors, low trust and support of their own community, mainly rely on low prices to attract customers, and low deal rate. 

The establishment of 1B1R Tokenomy Merchant Club is to solve these problems. A shared economic ecosystem which adheres to a win-win situation with institutions in various fields is formed to build a blockchain industry infrastructure with various ecological partners.

The goal is to build a standardized, complete and healthy economy which values the relationship between its ecology and consumers. Ultimately achieving a sustainable and stable development of the current social economy on the basis of ecological balance.

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Cooperation Projects

WEN ECO is a new model of blockchain ecological application. Users not only send and receive digital assets freely and conveniently, but also use WEN ECO to grasp the latest market information and conduct mining. WEN ECO is very innovative blockchain ecological application.

Most crypto wallets on the market are software-based software wallets, and this makes them easier to use compared to hardware wallets. However, hardware wallets are more secure than other types. On the other hand, the paper wallet that printed the "wallet" on a piece of paper has become outdated and unreliable now. 


WEpay is a cross-chain third-party payment channel service, Internet technology integrate blockchain technology in the new era, integrate WEN ecological financial model, and support multiple crypto-assets, and incorporate multiple technical models to enable ecological consensus groups to obtain corresponding rights.


WEpay fully docks encrypted digital assets with physical assets. Merchants does not need to develop blockchain nodes for docking, which fully meets the needs of WENI product and WENI consumers, and supports the WEN ECO ecological mobile application.

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