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Gchat (叽喳)
Gchat stand as a role of instant messaging and educational training tool for distributing tokens and airdrops. It tends for those big highly active communities with online chat and community management tool developed to assist communities. It resolved those issues including information privacy, online education and also promotional issues.
1B1R One Belt One Road Exchange

The research and development of 1B1R token’s trading platform constantly accelerate the development of blockchain technology publicly and promote the development of blockchain applications to serve the society and business development. Moreover, the innovation of MLT token trading channel for users to trade with ease. 1B1R token’s trading platform applies system maturity in terms of technologies, securities, stabilities and efficiency a part of the platform’s objective. There will be more offers will be introduced to users to bring the trading platform to another level in the future.

WENI Sharing Network

WENI Sharing Network is part of an e-commerce network token and financial platform in the token era. It is committed to use the underlying blockchain technology and business system protocol to achieve the operational goal of “Making consumption more valuable, and businesses wealthier” subvert the centralized management system of traditional e-commerce, reshape e-commerce rules and create a direct sales e-commerce legend.

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