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About 1B1R

1B1R Tokenomy Merchant Club

1B1R Tokenomy Merchant Club realized that in a digital, consumer-driven economy, speed will be the most important factor to achieve success. Due to the continuous changes on the economic regime, rapid decision-making and strong execution to adapt on the changes will become the core of future business strategies. By adapting to economic flattening and digital transformation, business will be able to overtake its competitors on a global scale.


Economy, ecology, and consumers are related to each other, and they are combined to form an economic ecosystem, which revolves around the interaction between human economic activities and natural ecology.


The primary purpose is to promote the sustainable and stable development of the social economy based on ecological balance.


Consumers are the largest supplier of economic resources, injecting consumer feedback into the economic ecosystem, safeguarding consumer interests, and giving the greatest feedback assistance.


This will stimulate consumers to increase their continuity and trust in consumption, continue to contribute to the world economy, and allow the human ecosystem to maintain a balanced cycle.


1B1R Vision

1B1R Mission

- 1B1R is looking to create a mutual assistance platform between consumers and the economic ecosystem.

- 1B1R guides the balance and harmony of economic sharing.

- 1B1R provides merchants with a better platform to find business opportunities.

- 1B1R encourages consumers to become savvy consumers, and try to conduct micro-entrepreneurship at the same time. 

- 1B1R strives to protect the rights and interests of both buyers and sellers.



Profession in Innovative Technology

The Merchants Club provides a powerful back-end membership system mainly designed by using artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data technology. For example, send discounts based on consumer preferences, membership database, order, online payment, and etc.


The application of the Merchants club is to effectively analyse market’s demand and keep consumer information highly confidential and hard to disclose consumer related information.


Education in Marketing

The Merchants Club educates and trains businesses on how to market effectively to allow their consumers to become their own community users.

For example, learn on how to visual marketing, store service, traffic acquisition, promotion marketing, data analysis and etc.


Strategic Market Development

To compete against fierce competition in the market and actively develop various marketing strategies to accumulate users. For example, points redemption, membership discounts (the higher the level, the more discounts), classification of goods and prices.

1B1R sends personalized promotion to each consumer's consumption type, so that each business can establish its own community as a stable consumer group.


Maintain a win-win situation for our consumers

The Merchants Club will implement dual identities into the mind of consumers, which are "enjoy while consuming, and at the same time try to start a small business", thus potentially become one of the distributors of rebate malls.


As long as products are being bought through the product links shared by a user. The user are able to get their share on the commission of the product sold. 

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