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Coorperation Organization


Organizations registered and accredited by the Malaysian Ministry of the Interior, providing consumers with feedback during consumption can use the consumer rebate platform to obtain the corresponding promotion platform costs, giving consumers an economic and ecological balance, and giving the greatest feedback And protection.

World Consumers Association (WCA)
The purpose of the Merchant Club's cooperation with the World Consumers Association is to create a platform for mutual help between consumers and the economic ecosystem, to guide the protection and balance of economic sharing, to provide a platform for businesses to better find business opportunities, and to inspire consumers to become smart consumers. At the same time, it is also possible to carry out micro-entrepreneurship and strive to protect the rights of buyers and sellers.
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The Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN) promotes excellent consumer education and trade programs to improve people’s well-being and strengthen the economy of consumers, traders, and communities. Optimize consumer interest policies, such as studying various consumer issues and economic disciplines for consumers, businessmen, and society in the country, holding a conference on consumer issues and economic discipline, and discussing with consumers, traders and the country, A special project that encourages people interested in consumers, traders and the entire community to exchange opinions on consumerism and economic issues.
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World Consumer Trust Body (WCTB)
An institution registered and accredited by the Malaysian Ministry of the Interior, providing retail investors with a professional education and training platform, providing professional, trustworthy and high-quality fintech system operation education courses and high security benefits, as well as disseminating fintech knowledge to fulfill society responsibility to help solve the dilemma faced by investors.

One Belt One Road Infrastructure Chamber of Commerce

Committed to becoming the promoter of the Belt and Road countries to build a community of economic and trade interests, establish a platform for the members of the Belt and Road Chamber of Commerce, provide a Belt and Road policy, coordinate and communicate with relevant government departments at all times, strengthen the relationship between chambers of commerce and establish mutual trust and sharing Industry information, safeguard the rights of members, and upgrade the level and grade of the chamber of commerce.

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