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Golden Griffin Stone (GGS)

The Golden Griffin Cornerstone incubator is to promote the application of blockchain technology for transformation and upgrading the real economy through chain reform. By having this 3 major business systems of project investment, project development and also project incubation, it creates and help corporate projects with corporate top-level design, business model design and profit model mining in order to provide digital development space for projects.

Gfenbao consist of multi-application designed by Golden Griffin Cornerstone which effectively solves the application and circulation issues of project.

Gfenbao helps the project to achieve the standard of circulation and capitalization of points. It can also be a role to solve issues regarding previous points that are not circulated well and those points that can’t be trade. By going through points exchange (commodities), OTC( over the counter transactions) and Swap (point swap),to reach the capitalization of points that can be upgraded.

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