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IPFS (The InterPlanetary File System)


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IPFS (The InterPlanetary File System) is a network transmission protocol. It is considered a point-to-point distributed file system. By having the underlying protocol, files can be stored on the IPFS system that can be quickly obtained anywhere in the world without being affected by firewalls and allow us to access data at a faster speed rate, safer, and more open. We can simply understand it as a file transfer system based on blockchain technology. In this system, different people can share files on the same network.

IPFS can be said to be a revolutionary innovation. The widely used underlying protocols such as HTTP and TCP/IP dominate the world, but these protocols have not allowed us to get any benefits. A part from that, IPFS can make file storage distributed and it can also improve the speed and efficiency of file exchange, and generate revenue for your data. It will stand as an important role to be a data storage method in the future.

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