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Meta Trader 4

Raffles Market stand as an international broker company with the combination of operations in 19 countries around the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region. Since the establishment of Raffles Market, thousands of traders and partners have chosen it as their preferred platform of choice.

In order to provide the best customer experience, Raffles Market organizes seminars and local events to provide customers with training materials, cutting-edge trading technology and the latest foreign exchange market strategies.

As a bridge linking customers with global finance, Raffles Market is a foreign exchange direct broker that provide MT4 system and help users to place their transactions orders to the international market. By having the function with convenient trading facility provided by Raffles Market, users are able to complete foreign exchange, gold, silver, futures, stocks, indices and other transactions within a few seconds. At the same time, Raffles Market is also a foreign exchange broker that pays great attention to the benefits and training of brokers, so that novices whom are just getting started can quickly become professional brokers to maintain the quality of the broker.

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