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WENI Mall is a consumer finance innovation empowerment platform which based on the WENI public chain, and it is the best practice for the implementation of digital assets and consumer financial entities. In just one month of internal public beta, WENI had gathered around 160,000 high-quality users around the world to actively participate. It pioneered the introduction of the new concept of "Consumer Win-Win" as its core, which not only fundamentally solved the problem of multi-currency transactions, but also perfectly proposed a multi-integrated payment structure of legal currency and digital assets to provide consumers with This provides a more convenient consumer experience.

In despite with innovative and professional technical team that is full of complete supply chain resources, mature industrial ecological support and other internal driving forces, WENI Mall has opened up the underlying of online and offline blockchains, with the integrating innovative business models and one-stop full-dimensional service concepts for the core promotion of empowering merchants to enter the mall. It can realize the flow of users, traffic, and promotion, accelerate the integrated development of the mall in the blockchain and the economy and also society to further enhance the ecological revenue generation capabilities and market competitiveness of the blockchain in a win – win situation.

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