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WEpay Third-party Payment Gateway

Digital currency is a new generation of currency form born with the development of cryptography technology and Internet technology compared with electronic money. As we know, digital money also uses electronic methods for transactions but it has completely different characteristics from electronic money, such as decentralization, openness, autonomy, immutability, and anonymity.

A third-party payment platform refers to an independent institution with a solid financial foundation and a good reputation background. It cooperates with banking institutions and provides intermediary services that guarantee the flow of funds and goods between consumers and merchants and complete payment a part of settlement with the support of computers and information technology.  The third-party organizations are independent of merchants and banks and act as transit units to provide payment services. The third-party industry refers to the complex system formed around the third-party payment business, involving multiple factors such as relevant stakeholders and the external environment. There are many concepts overlap, and the issues discussed in this article are mainly based on third-party payment platforms. Digital currency can innovate the currency circulation system, reduce circulation costs, and improve circulation efficiency. In addition, while replacing paper money, it will definitely have a certain impact and reform on the third-party payment industry.

WEpay is a cross-chain third-party payment channel service, Internet technology integrate blockchain technology in the new era, integrate WEN ecological financial model, and support multiple crypto-assets, and incorporate multiple technical models to enable ecological consensus groups to obtain corresponding rights.


WEpay fully encrypted digital assets with physical assets. Merchants does not need to develop blockchain nodes , which fully meets the needs of WENI product and WENI consumers to support the WEN ECO ecological mobile application.

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